Too lazy for life..

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I dream of being the badass businesswoman with killer heels and hella business knowledge, but I also want to be the artsy screenwriter who uses the word chill a lot

be both <3





Johnny Jinx at Broken Clover Tattoo in Tucson, Arizona.


I think my lack of ability to show any real passion in a relationship is going to be the reason i will not be able to truly stay with anyone too long at all. Maybe it’s because I’m questioning if I like guys at all or not. Or maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe I’m questioning if I like guys or not because I lack the passion. Maybe both. I would like to know. 

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Hi there gorgeous!

are you the one who edited my drawing of alice? the one where she's double, one with an anti cross on her forehead, dripping eyes and a stretcher? i'm aware that disney would rightfully own the image. but i'm getting real tired of finding edits of MY drawing all over the ineternet, and people claiming it as their own. and i'm getting zero recognition for my design. it's even on my tumblr.

No, I have never done editing of any pictures on the internet. The only pictures I have ever edited are my own I took of myself. I am sorry someone is taking credit for your design, I am quite fond of it. What makes you think I edited it? I’m willing to help in anyway I can to make sure people are aware it is your picture.